#FaceOfCairo #1: Mahmoud Gawish

This month features Cairo-based photographer Mahmoud Gawish. I met Mahmoud early in 2012 at a photography course. Now best known for shooting Egyptian indie band Cairokee as well as singer Zap Sarwat, his work has extended to include a whole range of things, from weddings to product-shooting to landscapes.

“For me, photography has always been about happiness. When I take a photo of someone, I always see a smile through my lens.”


“But sometimes, the best shots are taken spontaneously and only in those pictures do you see more, you see the person as they really are- all their small quirks, the things their heart beat for, and the picture comes to life.”



“If there is one thing I learnt from working in this field is that you get to see people as they really are, regardless of whatever fame they may have. I respect Cairokee because they do what they do for the love of music, not for money.”



“I’ve been doing a bit of traveling lately. I just came back from Beirut and when people ask me about it, I say it’s beautiful place but when we travel we often see the best of that place and so we judge Cairo rather harshly.”



Check out Mahmoud’s Facebook page here